Following years of passion for tea and 2 years of extensive searching, sampling, mixing, and tasting led to finding the quality, authenticity, and variety of Five Leaves blends.


Five Leaves is a journey to deliver the true taste of tea, we pick the finest “whole- leaf tea” in the world, then ensure the perfect assembly of the dry tea leaves, to deliver it to the casing in biodegradable corn leaf with the highest standard to keep the original taste and aroma , then packaged in Three layers packaging to reach our customers as fresh as it was in the tea gardens.

Five Leaves Brochure

Amir is an international award-winning sugar free luxury drink crafted from Grape, Rooibos Tea and Cape Botanicals, expertly finished with Orac. To bring you with a unique mixture of healthy, antioxidant and caffeine-free ingredients. 

Amir Juice Brochure